Links to Selected Reviews:

Kracht, Gigi O. “Sunshine's Nook, The Art of Eve in the Big Apple and Beyond.” Views, The Baur Au Lac Magazine, Edition 2012, p. 70.

Aubrey Whelan,"Images of Ben-Gurion and Ahmadinejad Update Ancient Frescoes" January 11, 2011

Richard Mcbee, "Landscapes for Humanity: Paintings by Batya F. Kuncman" November 3,2010

Oliver Basciano, "November members' roundup – the best of the network" December 4, 2009

Selected Reviews:-excerpts:

--- "Batya Kuncman dives into a myriad of art historical references with her prolific painting and drawing practice. When working in oils, the New York-based artist displays a skilful sense of composition and brushwork. These play with a strong brand of social realism in their subject matter; which combined with a bold use of colour, and the theatrical setups of the figurative interaction, make reference to the likes of Neo Rauch and the Leipzig School. Holding this realism at bay, however, is Kuncman’s own use of surreal perspective and almost Munchian brushstrokes. These combine to successfully lead the viewer away from the Rauch influence into a much more semiotic, psychoanalytically driven dreamlike sphere that the painter sets up, for us to unpack." -by Oliver Basciano

--- "Her characters exude a rubensesque vitality all their own. Her paintings seem to play tricks with my vision too, alternating between the push and pull of warnings and whims, revulsion and fascination...Kuncman's interest gravitates toward the paradox of illusionistic space. Often, her paintings are humorous, conjuring up associations with the theater of the absurd...Her works reverberate with colored perspectives derived from events that cross her path, dreams that emerge from the depths, hints of fleeting desires. Her skillful productions are sometimes tinged with sorrow." -by Gigi Kracht

--- "While these oil paintings are extremely realistic, the children and their surroundings rendered with startling detail, they are actually highly conceptual works of art...As is more than obvious, the Israeli born Kuncman’s work as a conceptual artist is far-reaching. " -by Richard Mcbee