2010, Oil on canvas, 48"x 72"

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Landscapes for Humanity:
"Landscapes for Humanity" represents lone infants as savages, survivors and heroes in an adult-free world. This series is about the individual and collective struggle for empowerment, knowledge and truth.

By isolating infants from the world of older humans the focus is on the intrinsic meaning of being human and the human condition at its’ most fragile yet most promising. The diverse group of babies exhibit typical cuteness resembling commercial photographs and contemporary baby advertisements. However, their solitary state in the wilderness raises questions about identity, environmental & survival issues, reality and illusion, and the complex relations between art, knowledge, spirituality and feminism. Visualizing human potential, the revelation in existence and the divine nature of life the series expresses hope in cosmic accountability, in a reality hidden from our eyes.

In a culture saturated with consumerism, dependency on electronics, fluid borders & homelands, and political turmoil, I am drawn to creating images that define a world rooted in landscape and humanity.

Painting figures in landscapes I reference romantic art history while offering an alternative contemporary feminist gaze. Playing with strokes of paint and color relationships to create a realistic perception of fantastic scenarios the paintings express the tension between control and spontaneity, reflecting the symphonic chaos we negotiate daily; applying a variety of brush works from invisible to energetic strokes I explore the symbiosis between realism and abstraction; images appear realistic when seen from afar but become abstract upon a closer view of the painted surface, thus blurring the boundaries between several painting streams.