Edge of Paradise

2012, Oil on canvas, 16"x20"

Martine Chaisson Gallery, New OrleansWe rose up despite impossible oddsWe Virtually Held Up the Sky, Made the Wind MoveSuddenly we were heading into the eye of the stormForgotten vessels detector Brief EternityBoomEmpireSilence is deeper, screaming is higherEdge of ParadiseWe wanted to be safe and nullify the decreeExileHolidayOurtopia
2012 Infinite Flux:
My interest in colors, forms and textures as they define space and figure is combined with a narrative approach while maintaining a dialogue with the tradition of image-making. My work expresses a yearning for meaningful grasp of the ambiguous relationship between “illusion” and what we call “truth." It is informed by the aesthetic, history and the changing socio-political attitudes that are connected to the Middle Eastern landscape of my early childhood and growing up in New York City. The conceptual ideas include notions of displacement, corruption of innocence, mortality and the fragmentation of society, cultures and identity in the age of remote image consumption.

Each of the "Infinite Flux" paintings is an elaborate imagined studio space featuring an installation of images as an investigation into corruption/beauty, destruction/renewal, and utopia/dystopia. Reflecting upon issues of our age of convergence and globalization I weave my direct experience with the human and environmental tapestry of seemingly isolated events into a larger contextual tale. The focus of simultaneity anchors my work and I explore its possibilities as the catalyst for abstracting and inventing realities, colliding, fusing and juxtaposing various art movements and personal expressions. Drawing on information derived through the study of science, philosophy and transcendent texts these works explore the idea of the past, present and future existing simultaneously as infinity and reality as a continual flow of change. The images reflect a state of flux in our information age, the fragmentation of society, cultures, thoughts, and the way personal identity is connected to universality and is simultaneously fragmented by continual evolvement.